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TouchPad Hacking

HP did a nice thing for it’s employees recently.  After the unannounced fire sale of HP Touchpad’s at retailers, they offered up a similar sale for employee purchase.  Needless to say, more than a few employees took advantage of the offer.

Now to be fair, I never really intended to use it “as is”.  I was “this close” [hold thumb and index finger really close together] to buying a NOOK Color for hacking purposes and when this opportunity arose… I knew it would be just a matter of time before someone developed a Google Android OS solution to offset the rather limp offerings in the WebOS application market.

It didn’t take long.  Now after the second patch of the Alpha release of CyanogenMod 7 for the HP Touchpad, I can say that this is an excellent Android platform.  I could actually see HP tweaking it a bit and allowing it to become an awesome Android tablet… but that is some wishful thinking on my part.

More info here


I’m Back.

Back from the virtual  grave.  Lets so how things go from here…


What’s new?

Fry’s Retail Stores now sell arduino variants right off the shelves…   including the mega2560.  This is good news!


By the way:

Hosting companies that don’t warn they are closing up shop or even say goodbye are rather cowardly.  No happy feelings towards Johnnie Nelke of the now defunct  “HostingRevolution” right now.  If anyone ever sits down next to this guy at a bar, smack him for me.